Welcome to StAylesSkiff.net

Welcome to StaylesSkiff.net. This is a new site from the kit manufacturers Jordan Boats which will carry information about the skiffs which is broader than the SCRA site www.scottishcoastalrowing.org.

During the Southampton Boat Show, we built a St Ayles Skiff from scratch to the point of gluing the first gunwale lamination so that the hull could be trailered off the exhibition site. I will be writing up the build very shortly below.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on the St Ayles Skiffs rowing in gorgeous Scottish scenery below.

Alec Jordan

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The Strangford St Ayles Project

In late 2013, the Strangford Lough and Lecale Partnership from County Down in Northern Ireland contacted Jordan Boats about the possibility of building St Ayles Skiffs in eight communities around the Lough and close by. Troon CRC kindly offered to provide a skiff for a try out in January 2014, and following this, an order was placed for nine skiff kits.
Within a few months, the local groups were making good progress, with the builds being videoed to record the project for posterity. This video has now been released and can be found here:

It is thirty-eight minutes long but well worth every second to get a feel of what the St Ayles Skiff is about in engaging Communities in a project, both for those who have been involved from the start, and for anyone thinking of trying to start building a St Ayles in your community.

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