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St Ayles Stories and Pictures

The St Ayles Skiff has been a remarkable story over the past six years.

One of the reasons for starting this website is to build a collection of writing, video, pictures, and anything else that can go on a website about the skiff. While Scottish Coastal Rowing covers what is happening, is here to tell other people looking in about what the skiff means to people in the communities, clubs, schools and other organisations that have built and rowed them.

We’re very keen to see contributions from builders and rowers from outside the UK. It is very easy to keep in touch with people here. Less so over a long distance.

Contributions can be short or long, it depends on the story that you wish to tell. Some examples can be seen from the Brochure PDF (Economic Print version here) we published a couple of years ago. These were of a limited wordcount so if you feel inspired to inspire others, don’t worry about the length.

One of the pleasures of the St Ayles for me has been seeing the variety of features of the skiffs. As part of this site, I would like to gather pictures of each skiff, and especially how they have been finished – oarlocks, thwarts, rudders, footrests, any of the ways in which your skiff has been built. These will show new builders the different ways that the skiffs have been built, and give them inspiration for their build.

So, if you fancy writing about your skiff, please get your fingers on your keyboard, and get in touch with us at

Thank you in anticipation.

Alec Jordan

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